Monday, August 23, 2010

Up & Coming Monday: Mockingjay Predictions! [Guest Post]

Guest Post by Irene @ mywelshrabbit.

With only one day left until Suzanne Collins's Mockingjay hits shelves (and hopefully my mailbox!), there’s been a fair amount of buzz about what might happen. There are so many possibilities, you know? So, I wanted to share my little opinions. I’ve put the main topics of the third book into questions, so you can answer them too!

What is in District 13?
POWERFUL MAGIC! Aha, just kidding. Katniss has heard graphite (boring). The exiles say “nuclear weapons” (WMDs anyone?). We don’t really know what District 13 made, but would the Capitol really destroy a necessary district? They destroyed 12, but don’t need coal production if they can use electricity and wood, both from other districts. Wouldn’t the Capitol freak out though, if say, they destroyed District 1? Where would they get their pretty shiny things from then?

I think it doesn’t matter what was in District 13, but what’s there now: I’m thinking mockingjays. And not only mockingjays, but jabberjays and muttations; all these animals that have been cast aside by the Capitol. I bet the rebels have found ways to use them for their cause.

Where is Cinna?
Dead. I really think he’s dead. I’m so, so sorry.

Oh wait, no, I think he’s an Avox, because he’d make a pretty one (sorry) and also be a constant reminder of what happens to those who try to fool the Capitol. The Capitol likes their constant reminders, I mean look at their Hunger Games!

Which minor character will have an impact in the end?
Madge. For sure. I think she knows through the pain of her mother how messed up the Hunger Games are. After all, she was the one who basically forced Katniss to wear the mockingjay pin, and we all know how that turned out…

Will there be a “final battle”, or something like it?
No, I think after two books set in the arena, there will be a very creative and strategic (and ultimately heartbreaking) final conflict.

Will Mockingjay feature another Hunger Games?
I think there will be some mention but no action will ever get to take place in the arena. Since the Hunger Games began because of the rebellion nearly a hundred years before, I bet President Snow will make lots of threats to the Districts along the lines of more severe games in the future. 

Who will Katniss end up with (if anyone)?
She owes Peeta a lot, and since she doesn’t like being in someone’s debt, she will choose Peeta. It won’t be a hard choice, since she’ll come to appreciate and love him in the end.

I don’t know how long that marriage will last, however…

So, what do you all think? What’s are we all going to see when we crack open our copies of Mockingjay this Tuesday??

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