Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Rec #4

So I was hoping to have my next book review up by today, but I forgot how hard school and work make it to just sit down and read a good book in one sitting. Sigh. So I'm reading all my books in installments now, which is slow(er) going.

In the meantime, it's the weekend, sooo let's get recommending!

Album: Caught in a Life by Donkeyboy
So Donkeyboy are a Norwegian electropop band (interesting, right?). They sing in English and sometimes border on the existential while remaining eerily upbeat. Though when I think of Nordic countries I think of this film, so maybe that's where the eerie comes from, haha.
Why Check It Out: They're something new, not sure they're like any other band I've heard so far.
Listen to a Track: "We Can't Hide"

If you've heard these guys before, be sure to leave a comment with your opinon!

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