Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guess who's back?

Didja miss me?
(I'll pretend you've said yes and trudge on)

After two years of college, I've found my way back to this blog and the soft, glow-y place it holds in my heart. I read through about four old reviews this morning and just laughed and laughed. Can't pinpoint why, but at the point in my life that I was writing those (senior year of high school, during what I like to refer to as the Nuclear Meltdown of All Things Good) this made me extremely happy.

And that's what YA has always been about for me, in the end. That whole, instant-gratification-escape-from-reality-to-worlds-where-people-have-magic-powers-and-lots-of-money-and-boyfriends thing. Even when I was rolling my eyes through an obnoxious angst-filled sob story or turning up my nose at a story I felt I could have written better, I was having a damn good time. At nearly 20 years old, I can finally admit that - yeah, I'm an adult - and, yeah, YA is still totally my thing.

So, I'm back!

Not even sure what book I'm gonna tackle first, seeing as I've been out of practice for over two years and have got a lot of catching up to do, but expect the first new review sometime this week!

Ooh I'm getting all excited. Gonna make a cup of tea and start browsing the book lists.

Wish me luck!

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